1. The airfield's work hours are from 8 am to 8 pm in the season and from 8 am to 5 pm off-season.
  2. In case of need, the manager can change the working hours.
  3. It is forbidden to enter the airfield with an animal (dog, kitten, bird, livestock) unless they are on a leash or controlled.
  4. It is forbidden to dispose of garbage, paper, rubbish, organic and any kind of waste in any area of ​​the airport except at the places designated for that use.
  5. Items such as old cars and other vehicles, old furniture and parts of furniture, building materials, rubbish, etc. must not be left at the airport.
  6. The use of aircraft, parachutes, gliders are permitted only with the approval of the manager in agreement with the authorities of each aviation division.
  7. Any gambling or any game of money is prohibited.
  8. Physiological needs are conducted only in toilets.
  9. Any destruction of objects, sign, equipment, trees, flowers, grass areas and other property at the airport is prohibited. Any person who commits this act will be liable and will have to cover the damage.
  10. All members of the Aeroclub are obliged to have a completed membership form and to pay the membership fee by March 1 for the current year.
  11. All members who have not paid their membership dues for the current year are not entitled to use the aircraft, parachutes, models and all the benefits offered by the aeroclub's kitchen.
  12. It is forbidden to consume any type of alcohol in the hangar, workshop or in front of the hangar at the aircraft stand.
  13. The airfield manager is authorized by the Management Board, the persons who will not follow the rules for the Skopje Sports Airfield to give a mandatory sentence up to exclusion from Membership in the Airclub.

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