The LET L-23 Super Blaník is a two-seat glider of all-metal structure. The aircraft is primarily used for flight training. The Super Blaník is an improved version of the original LET L-13 Blanik, and is somewhat roomier in front. Differences include a swept fin and a T-tail. While flaps were eliminated, airbrakes are still included on the L-23. The airbrakes open on both the top and the bottom of each wing. LET also moved the tailplane to the top of the vertical stabilizer for better protection in case of outlanding. It has a new instrument suite and a new two-piece canopy (with different framing from that on the original L-13) to improve vision.

The maximum number of occupants is two. If the sailplane is to be flown solo, the pilot must be sitting in the front seat and his weight (including parachute and ballast) must be at least 70kg. If the pilot's weight is less than 70kg, it is necessary to use ballast to bring the total weight in the front to at least 70kg. A weighted cushion weighing 15kg is available to replace the soft seat cushion bottom in the front seat.

General characteristics: Crew: 2, Length: 8.5 m, Wingspan: 16.2 m, Height: 1.9 m, Wing area: 19.15 m2, Airfoil: root: NACA 632A-615 ; tip: NACA 632A-612, Empty weight: 310 kg, Max takeoff weight: 510 kg dual.

Performance: Stall speed: 56 km/h at max t/o weight dual, Never exceed speed: 256 km/h; in smooth air at max t/o weight dual, 160 km/h in rough air, 150 km/h on aero-tow, 120 km/h on winch launch, g limits: +5.3 -1.5 at max t/o weight dual, +6 -3 at max t/o weight solo, Maximum glide ratio: 28 at 90 km/h at max t/o weight dual.

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