Parachute tandem jump is a way of jumping where the tandem passenger is attached to the tandem instructor through a system of links specially designed for that purpose.

The instructor assists the passenger throughout the jump: from the exit, free fall, opening, open parachute management, and landing.

The tandem passenger needs minimal instruction before making the tandem jump. It is usually about fifteen minutes of training.

In Macedonia tandem jumps started about fifteen years ago and only one tandem instructor did that.

In order to meet the growing demand for tandem jumps from paratrooper lovers, AK Skopje has decided to improve its capacity in this regard.

With the donation of the EU, the World Bank and the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of North Macedonia within the framework of the "Local and Regional Competitiveness Project", a project component "Tourism Infrastructure Investment and Destination Connections" we have prepared a modern Center for Tandem Jumps, New Equipment and Training for new tandem instructors. 

All enthusiasts and thrill-seekers can come to Stenkovec Sports Airfield and experience the beauty of free fall.

All you need to know about tandem jumping

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